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StrateGens Business is Process Management

Executives and managers that need to improve operating profits rely on process cost analysis to reduce costs and add directly to the bottom line.

StrateGen provides consulting services that reduce operating costs by analyzing operational processes and determining the total cost of product or service delivery across the entire organization...and then reduce it.

StrateGen, Inc. is an Alaska company

• Formed in October 1996.

• Based on 5 years of extensive research and field-testing with the Department of Defense.

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StrateGen’s approach is operations and results oriented. (see Statement of Qualifications)

Where do we begin?

• An initial assessment of a process that has been identified as a known choke point by the client.

• A situation where there are obvious disconnects, but the real issues have not been clearly identified and discussed so that corrective action may be taken.

• A process is understood but the actual cost of performing that process is difficult to identify.

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